The 3 Biggest Mistakes I Made When I First Started Lifting Weights (And What I’d Do Differently):

Mistake #1: Neglecting My Nutrition

I was obsessed with building bigger muscles.

  • Fuels your training
  • Provides the raw material for muscle growth
  • Determines how much body fat you have

Mistake #2: Lifting Too Heavy (And Getting Injured)

When I first started, I was taught that lifting heavy weights was how you got bigger and stronger.

  • Taking 3-seconds to lift and 3-seconds to lower on each rep
  • Using a full range of motion on every rep
  • Trying to perform another rep on every exercise before adding weight
  • Lower the weight if I felt my form degrading

Mistake #3: Spending Too Much On Supplements

I remember hitting a plateau with my physique.



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Ted Ryce

Ted Ryce


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